Why English?

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I’m an Indonesian.  English is not my first language and my capability of using it is still so far from perfect.  So why do I use English to write my blog instead of my own national language, Bahasa Indonesia? Here are the reasons:

1.      It’s an international language.

So, instead of blogging nationally, I get to do it internationally. That means, I can reach wider scope, share and discuss things with a lot more people.

2.      It opens more possibilities.

There’re not many advertisers or affiliate products that are available for websites (including blogs) in Bahasa Indonesia.  In that case, if one day I wanted to monetize my blog, put some advertising, do affiliate marketing, or stuff like that, I would have more options by using English in my blog.

3.      It’s a nice way to improve my English.

Practice, practice, practice.  That’s how you get better in doing things.  Writing a blog is helping me to practice my writing skill.  By using English, I practice my English skill as well.  My English is far from perfect. It’s actually means more reason to use it more.  That way I can learn how to use it better.

I wont say it would be easy.  In English, expressing myself sometimes is not as easy as if I did it in Bahasa Indonesia. My vocabulary is still very limited.  Not to mention the necessity to check on grammar and spelling.  But it would be worth it.

Despite of all those reasons, Bahasa Indonesia is still an inseparable part of me and in some point, for some cases, I do feel that I need to express myself in it.  That’s why in some of my future posts, I might using Bahasa Indonesia instead of English.

Well, whatever language I use, it might not be perfect, but I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it :)

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