Waktu Aku Sama Mika

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It did not take a long time for me to read this book. It’s a small 145 pages book with a very simple words used to form the story in it. But in that short time of reading, between those simple words, it delivers nicely a message about one of the most important aspects in life: love.

In form of a diary, the writer, Indi, tells a story about her life when she was still in high school. Yes, it based on true story.

A 15 year old Indi was struggling with her scoliosis condition. It’s not easy to have friends in such condition.  Indi was growing to be a quiet, shy, lack of confident girl.

Then she met Mika, a 22 year old young man. He was fun, kind, and highly confident. He was having AIDS.

Waktu Aku Sama Mika

Through her diary, that she wrote two years after he passed away, Indi tells us about how Mika was, how he had changed her life, and how she was proud to have him as her boyfriend. Her own personal hero.

One thing that I think amazing about Mika is his unconditional love towards Indi. Towards life.

Most people in his condition might feel sad, depressed, maybe even think that life is unfair and death would be better for them. But Mika is so optimistic and full of love. He once said to Indi that she shouldn’t feel like the person with the most pain. Because then, she would not have courage to help other people.

The book reminds me to love sincerely. To be grateful about life. To appreciate what you have. To share kindness no matter what condition you are in. To give people chances to show who they really is.

The book is small and simple. A nice light reading that add some sprinkle of meaning to your daily life.

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