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A New Post. Finally.

Choose one good thing to do in your life, make it a habit then let it change your life.

As simple as that. But not as simple to practice it.

It’s always a challenge to create a new routine, to change what you have usually done for years, especially when there’s no reason to do it but yourself and your wish to be a better person.

Sometimes you want to do lots of things in the same time then ended up doing none of them. Sometimes you just want to do one thing, start doing it then stop after some period of time (like the history of me and this blog).

It’s hard to start, it’s harder to keep doing what you have start. It needs a strong will, a determination, a hard work.

You know what I need right now? A nice lunch.


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Why first. How later.

Why you live determine how you live your life.

Your purposes in life (the why) help you manage your time, make your choices and priorities (the how).

If you don’t know why or you don’t truly feel the why, it will hard to think of any how.

A strong reason gives you a strong sense of purpose (the why). They will become the energy to keep doing what you’re doing and find endless way (the how) to reach those purposes.

A strong why creates a strong will. A strong will creates endless kind of ways.

*I found this note on my cellphone the other day. Wrote this years ago. I think it’s time to let it see the world.