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Four Races, One Medal, Lots of Happy Feelings

Like what I have wrote here, one of the things I started doing in 2013 was joining running races.

I was in the middle of trying to reignite my jogging habit when I heard about this race called Jakarta International 10K (also known as Milo Run as it was sponsored by Milo). I bumped into @mrshananto‘s tweet about the race and started to look for more information about it.

It brought me to the videos about how Milo trained these three people (one of them was @mrshananto, the other two was @millyshafiq and @alhabasya) to join the race.

Three of them were never really do any sport regularly, including running. In that 8 weeks program, Milo provided them with coaches and nutritionist to prepare them for a 10K running.

I hadn’t really do any sport lately and I never run that far. But the videos were truly inspired me, so I decided to join the race too. And I’m very glad I did.

I think I reached the finish line in around 1 hour and 40 minutes. Not so bad considering that I didn’t do enough practice. I walked about half the race. I got no medal or certificate that were provided for limited early finishers. But it felt so great! 😀

Milo Runners

That was on June 23, 2013. On September 22, 2013, my work place became one of the media partners of this running event called Sunday Fun Run and get some free registrations number as part of the deal. This time I and some of my co-workers were joining the 5K race. Again, no medal (because apparently it’s not part of the deal :( ). But at least this time I had some company (in running and in not getting medal :p).

The third race was the best race I had so far. It was King of The Road (KOTR) that was held by Adidas on September 29, 2013, just a week after my second race.

It was very well organized, the race pack was nice, but what mostly made it best is that I did it with my closest friends. By the way, this time, I got a medal. Finally. Hahaha…

My last race on 2013 was Nike We Run or special for Indonesia called Bajak Jakarta (which somewhat means “taking over Jakarta”) on December 15, 2013. It was one of the most anticipated race of the year. The cool part of the race was when we get to finished it inside the Stadion Utama (Main Stadium) of Gelora Bung Karno which is not usually open for public (except the part for the football spectators to sit and watch the game).

That time we could be on the other side of the stadium, tasted the feeling of being an athlete whom were cheered by the audience (even though the cheering sound was just a recording).

It was also wonderful to meet some supporters along the way, doing high five with some supporters form Nike that wore big hands, listen to a group of old lady that cheered you to not give up.  And of course, nothing beats the feeling of reaching the finish line.

Here are some pictures from the races:

I got a finisher t-shirt instead of a medal on the last race, so the KOTR medal is still the only one I got on 2013. Thank God that the joy of the race is way above any medal. These running races is definitely one of the biggest contributor of my happiness last year. Looking forward to join some other races this year :)


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You might remember that I wrote something about this new habit I’ve trying to build up again this year. That habit is jogging.

I was actually wrote about me walking around the block in the morning and I’ve been doing it for five days at that time. Well, today is the 26th day of the exercise and I’m  planning to keep on doing it.

Before, I was usually start my exercise with running slowly, which is the general definition of jogging, for about 1 to two minutes (then gradually improved day after day), followed by walking in a slow to moderate motion, then ended it with another slow run for about 1 minutes. It’s a total 30 minutes exercise.

When I re-started the habit building this year, I was basically did the same thing.  But since I haven’t doing it for quite some times plus I was not in a very good condition that day, I sort of threw up by the end of it :p

Then, the next day, I try a new approach. Instead of start running immediately at the beginning of the exercise (without even have a warming up before :p), then walking moderately afterwards, I decide to start it with a fast walking (still without any warming up :p) and only jog by the end of the exercise (I started with one minute and increase it gradually). I found it pretty effective. I still got the exercise with all the sweat and cardio advantages without being over exhausted at the first round but then drastically slowing down at the next round by walking in slow to moderate pace.

After about two weeks of doing so, I found this cool website about jogging and running own by Valik Rudd. I look around the website, then decided to subscribe to get his free course. There’re some tips about warming up and how to start jogging. I’m interested on the steps of his program that I think can helps me to improve my exercise to more jogging than walking, since jogging is the habit I want to build at the first place. You can read about the program here.

I’ve been doing the first week program this week: Walk for about 6 minutes, then jog at a relaxed pace for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times. Do three sessions with the same sequence for the whole week. But since I use to do it every day, instead of follow the three sections a week program, I’m doing it for the whole week. I also keep the 30 minutes length, so when I’ve finished the three times sequence I used the extra time by fast walking.

I still mostly forget to do the warm ups though. I know that it’s important to help us avoid injuries and prepare our body to do the exercise better, so I will pay more attention to it.

There are some other tips and knowledge that you can get from subscribing for the course or reading the articles directly from the website, like the right shoes for running, jogging benefits, the difference between walking VS jogging VS running, jogging safety, etc.

I feel good about this jogging thing so far. I actually start to enjoy doing it and the program is making it even more interesting. I can’t wait to start the second week then improving my jogging durability until I can finally jog for 30 minutes non-stop.

Interested to join me? 😉