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Ketika Mas Gagah Pergi dan Kembali

“Ketika Mas Gagah Pergi” (When Mas Gagah’s Gone) was a short story written by Helvy Tiana Rosa. It was first published on 1993 in a magazine named Annida. It’s been published as an anthology by two publishers on 1997 and 2000 before it was published by Asmanadia Publishing House on 2011. This time, the short story combined with another one called “Lelaki Tak Bernama” (A Man with No Name), becoming a novelette. That’s why the anthology then titled “Ketika Mas Gagah Pergi dan Kembali” (When Mas Gagah’s Gone and Return).

There are 14 other short stories in the book. Since all of the stories in the book were published in Annida first, and I use to read the magazine a lot, this is not the first time I read them all. It doesn’t bored me though. I like it then, and I like it now. Every single one of them.


Each story inside the book touches me. Some even manage to put some tears in my eyes. The stories are simple, yet has somewhat meaningful message in them. They make me think about life. What it’s all about, what’s really matter.

It’s nice to read those stories again all at once. Reminds me of good values of life in a beautiful way.

I love this one note from Mas Gagah to his sister on her birthday. For me, it’s not only the soul of the novelette, but also the spirit of the entire book.

“…Dan jadilah muslimah sejati (…And be a true muslimah)
yang selalu mengedepankan nurani (who always puts concience first/ listen to her concience)
Agar Allah selalu besertamu (So Allah always be with you)
Ingat Islam itu indah… (Remember that Islam is beatiful…)
Islam itu cinta… (Islam is love…)
Kalau kau tak setuju pada suatu kebaikan, (If you don’t agree in one kindness)
yang mungkin belum kau pahami, (that you might not yet understand)
kau selalu bisa menghargainya…” (you can always appreciate it…)

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Filosofi Kopi

“Filosofi Kopi” (the coffee philosophy) is an anthology of proses and short stories that is written by Dewi “Dee” Lestari in a decade (1995-2005).

There are 18 literary works in it and I love them all!

I like how the writer using words. Her choices of words, the rhymes and rhythms, the metaphors. I like how she forms stories and proses with those words. I think it’s beautiful. It’s deep and meaningful.

“Filosofi Kopi”, which becomes the title of the book, is the first story in the anthology. It is a story about a man named Ben who is crazy about coffee that he goes around the world to taste every kind of coffee and learn about them. He then becomes an expert barista and with his best friend Jodi, run a coffee house.

Filosofi Kopi

The small coffee house get famous. It’s known by the name Filosofi Kopi and its variation of good coffee with a philosophy for each of them (the tagline of the coffee house is: “Temukan Diri Anda di Sini” – “Find Yourself Here”).

Ben was so proud of his coffee until a man come and make him learn a thing that change his life.

Reading the story makes me want to drink some coffee 😀

It’s a great opener. Being the title and put in the first pages of the book, I think it would be the main star of it. But the next stories and proses is just as great. Like I said before, I love them all.

If I have to choose my favorite, “Salju Gurun” and “Spasi” is definitely the ones that light up something in me. I also like “Cetak Biru” and “Kunci Hati”. I can’t forget the surprise in “Lara Lana”. I fond of “Mencari Herman”, “Budha Bar” and “Sikat Gigi”. And of course, “Filosofi Kopi”. (I told you I love them all :p)

I would say that just like the philosophy in Ben’s coffee, each literature in this anthology has its own philosophy. You got to enjoy it like you enjoy the smell of coffee.

Drink the coffee, enjoy the anthology, feel the beauty, absorb the philosophy.