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Life Without Limits

Inspirational is a good word to describe this book. Though it might be not enough word. Because it needs more than words to describe a Nick Vujicic, a man who goes from no limbs to no limits (as mentioned in his website).

Nick was born with a condition called phocomelia, which left him with no limbs on both hands and legs. Just by seeing him, you will know that life must be hard for him. He must be facing so many difficulties and limitation in his life. So how could he be so happy? How could he love this life so much?

That is actually what Nick tries to tell through the book. If he could be happy with his life, with the way he is, than everybody can too. And he share the how in the book.

Every single soul in this world were created with their own purpose. That’s the first point of this book. God created each of us with a certain details and conditions that will fit perfectly with what we were created for. God has a perfect plan for all of us. There’s no mistake or accident. It’s all meant to be. And it’s all meant to be good.

Realizing that, Nick manage to get out from his struggle in his younger age. He stop being depressed and start looking for the purpose of his life.

In his journey, he not just found, but also accept and love himself. He grows a lot of faith, he becomes full of hopes, and passionate in changing not only his own life but also lives of others.

By sharing his journey, and some amazing stories from amazing people, Nick inspire other people to believe. In themselves, in God and all the limitless possibilities that anyone could achieve in life.

Some of what he wrote in this book might not be a new thing. But “hearing” it from Nick makes me see it in a different way. It makes me feel it more, take it deeper in my heart and mind.

Nick reminds me to be thankful for what I have instead of being overly sad about what I don’t have. That behind every “limit” there are abilities. Behind every hardship there are strength and greatness that are waiting to be found. That there are beautiful life waiting for you if you never lose hopes and keep trying. That there’s always a way and the only thing that limit you is yourself and your own way of thinking.

You are special. Your life is a gift from God. It means something not just for yourself but also to the world, to the life of other people. God loves you and you should love yourself too.

I think everyone that is having a hard time right now, that is unhappy, desperate, feeling angry, even hate their lives should read this book. Also everyone that think that their lives are useless, pointless, or just wasting it out of ignorance and laziness. Or simply just everyone.

Here are some videos of Nick. See for yourself how wonderful he is. :)

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