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Berani Mengubah

This post is about the first book that I finished this year. I started reading it at the end of 2012. It took a pretty long time I know. I haven’t really read many books lately. This is exactly why I made the book list.

So I finally finished a book. A good one too. It titled “Berani Mengubah” (dare to change) by Pandji Pragiwaksono. The book basically tells about how we should be doing something to create change instead of only demand it to happen. To be more specific, how we can change Indonesia.

The book reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

“Be the change you want to see in the world” -Mahatma Gandhi

I do think that proactivity is one of the most important mentality anyone should have. Being proactive means taking a full responsibility of your life. Believe that you can make things happen, not just blaming everyone or everything else for what happened to or around you. It means taking control of yourself and all the potential in it to create some action towards change rather then just complaining or waiting for the change to happen.

Proactivity is one thing that you should have to be able to create change. Once you believe that you have the power, the next thing you need to know is how to use the power. What could we actually do for Indonesia? This is what the book then try to answer.

Berani Mengubah

To change something, we first of all have to understand about its condition. First four chapters of the book mentioning the area of knowledge that we have to learn in order to change Indonesia, from politics, law, economy, to the history, characteristic, and the development of the country so far.

All those knowledge will open our eyes, help us understand what is really going on in Indonesia, the reason behind events and decisions our government makes, how things works and influence other things. Then we can see what kind of problems Indonesia are dealing with, how we could help solving them, and which part we could change to be better.

One thing you should know about Indonesia is its wide diversity. It is the biggest archipelago in the world with ten of thousands of islands spread between  Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. There are around 240 millions people in Indonesia with all kind of differences in culture, religions, believes, educations, views and way of thinking. The problem is, most Indonesian people still having a hard time to accept and appreciate those differences. Some to the level of hurting their fellow Indonesian. Just because they’re different.

To be more open to new and different things. To understand before hate. To not see differences as threats but more as a natural thing in life that we can even make a good use out of. To live side by side and work together in harmony despite of any differences. Those are things that Indonesia have to learn to be able to move forward. To create unity in diversity not to force an uniformity. That’s what the book talk about in its next chapter.

Of course we can’t do everything. That is why, by showing examples of some Indonesian heroes, those who are already out there doing amazing things and creating changes, it said that we better focus on the thing our heart lean into the most. Our calling. Our passion. That way we can create more change. Consistently generating a significant impact.

The book also mentions about being known internationally. Because, by then we could bring greater impact to more people. We could give and contribute more as the  part of the world community. Indonesia would also be acknowledged by the world.

“Berani Mengubah” gave me basic insights and knowledge to start creating changes. It contains so much in 198 pages. The words Pandji used in the book are easy to understand. But like what he said in the last part of it, it’s time to act upon what you read. It’s not easy to create change. It takes courage. And that’s what the title of the book is all about.

I also like to quoted a poem from W.S. Rendra that are written in the last page of the book:

Kesadaran adalah matahari

Kesabaran adalah bumi

Keberanian menjadi cakrawala

Dan perjuangan

Adalah pelaksanaan kata-kata.

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I don’t even know where to start.  Yesterday was super cool.

I’m talking about this show called INDONESIA:. Yes, the colon symbol behind the word is part of the name.

You know how colon  is usually followed by an explanation or description of the word or sentence before it? This one is meant to be use that way too. But instead to be explained by words, it described by a show.

The show consists of two parts: Hip-Hop Music Concert and Stand-Up Comedy. Each part is trying to tell what Indonesia is all about in the eyes of Pandji Pragiwaksono, the man behind the show.

The show was started at 3.00 pm with the hip-hop concert. It’s actually a concert of Pandji’s fourth album, “32”. And it was amazing.

The main concept of  “32” is about the 32 years of Soeharto regime in Indonesia, that is a big part of the history of Indonesia and has a major impact on how Indonesia is right now. The album is also tell parts of the 32 years of Pandji’s life, and how the regime affected his life as an Indonesian in particular.

I don’t know much about Pandji’s music until he freely shared most songs in his last two albums to be downloaded on the internet. I downloaded them all and I like it! I can feel the spirit of the songs. His love for Indonesia, for his family, for the music itself. And this spirit was overflowing in the concert yesterday.

Some people said that nationalism is just a thing that he brought up to make himself popular. That there is something behind all this love he shows and promotes about Indonesia. But saw him in his concert yesterday… I mean who can fake those kind of love. Those kind of passions. Even if he did has any kind of insincerity  in it or just doing it for money then who cares? I still got all the spirit and inspiration from it anyway. And you know what, I’m willing to pay for it. For all those great things he creates, I think he deserves it.

Back to the show. Like I said earlier, the concert was amazing. It creates this fire inside you. To be a better person, to understand more about Indonesia, to think about what actually happens around the country, to contribute more, to actually care, to know your priorities, to fight for your dreams,  to create change more than just demand it.  I sang, moving my hands together with other audience. We’re having fun! That’s for sure. And we definitely got something from it.

Besides Pandji and his awesome band, there’s a bunch of guest stars (featuring), such as: Endrumarch (as the opener), Saykoji, Tompi, Ikang Fauzi, Glenn Fredly, Ge Pamungkas a.k.a Eninem, Angga Puradiredja (Maliq & D’Essentials), Davina Raja (theExtralarge), etc.

The concert ended at 5.30 pm, left this girl with more love and optimism for Indonesia, and a little crush on hip-hop. I believe I’m not the only one. :)

The second part of the show started at 8.00 pm. It’s laughing time! I did laugh a lot. Me and the rest of the audience that is. 😀

The stand-up was part of pandji’s “Merdeka dalam Bercanda Comedy Tour”. Jakarta is the last city of the tour, so last night the tour was officialy ended.

I don’t have too much to say on the stand-up.  It was hilarious. I do wish it talked more about Indonesia though. And I sure wish we got a better sit in the front row. But other than that, I enjoyed it so much. Including the opening stand-up by Adriano Qalbi (whose  actually talk more about Indonesia than Pandji). A nice appetizer before the main show.

Stand-up comedy by Pandji

Another special thing from this show is that it was held at Museum Nasional also known as Museum Gajah, the place that has a broad collections covering all of Indonesia’s territory and almost all of its history. And we got to have a tour around the museum right between two parts of the show. How cool is that? Too bad there’s no enough time to explore the whole place, but I believe it triggered some interest to visit the museum again some other time.

There are also some cool merchandise of INDONESIA: and else (related with Pandji’s piece of work) being sold at the location. Pins, T-shirts, hats, hoodies, and of course pandji’s albums and books, including his latest book “Berani Mengubah” that  was also launched that day. I bought a cool pin and a red hoodie both  with the word INDONESIA: printed on it. I also bought the book.

The show was over at 10.00 pm. After all that energy consuming show, Pandji still gave us a chance to get autographs and take a picture with him.

The show is totally worth every single rupiahs I spent on it. All I can say now is thank you, Pandji. Thank you for all those time and energy you dedicate for Indonesia. Thank you for the awesome show. Thank you for the inspirational work you’ve done. Looking forward for the next thing you’ll do. Looking forward for the next thing I’ll do. Thank you. :)

Up: Me, Pandji, and my sister; Down: The merchandise I bought