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Which One Would You Choose?

You could either do whatever makes you (only) feel good right now or do something good for your life now and in the future.

You could choose to snooze the alarm and sleep again or wake right up and do a morning jog or prepare a more decent breakfast.

You could choose to watch TV all night or write a new post in your dear blog.

You could choose to eat anything delicious in your mouth or start eating something that is good for your health.

You could choose to stay still or learn new things, build new skills and habits, do something that would change you and your life to the better.

The first choice is what most people take. Because it’s easy. The second one needs discipline.

Now, it’s okay to sit back and relax. But if that is all you do you will loose a chance to have a better life to enjoy.

To make a better choice you need to see the consequences. Imagine it in your head, then choose based on that image.

A short fun easy now that cause you a messy life and some troubled future or a long happy meaningful life.

I want the second image. I need to train the dragon (just because it’s a more cool word than discipline and I love the book :p).

Would you please share your experience in training your “dragon”?

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Explaining is Learning

I had this one concept in my head but once I try to write it down I get confused. Have you ever been like that?

It’s either I don’t completely understand the concept or I just don’t know how to express it. It could be a bit of both. But I think it’s more to the first reason.

Sometimes we feel like we have a full grip on a subject, until comes the time for us to explain it to other people.

You see, the ability to make people understand a concept is part of the knowledge itself. The more knowledge you have, the easier you can explain it to people. If you could explain a complicated subject in a simple way that anyone can understand, than you an expert to that subject.

So when you want to know how well you understand something, try to explain it. First to yourself then to other people. If you don’t get confused or making anyone confused then maybe you really know what you’re talking about.

Explaining is actually helps you understand better about the subject too. It makes you think over about the subject, try to put it in words, see it in different point of views. That’s why I believe that explaining is learning. Writing is a way to explain things, so it also a way to learn.

Anyway, this is a week that I didn’t miss (you’ll understand if you read that post). 😀 The bad news is, I still haven’t finished any book.

Let’s hope that I can read more next week, and write more, and explain a concept better. In another word, to learn more.

3 idiots

3 Idiots WallpaperFirst of all, it’s a movie title.  When you read the title, you might think that the movie will show you some foolish men doing idiotic ridiculous things, creating the whole disaster in the entire movie. The kind of movie that will make us laughing out loud.

Well, the movie is going to make you laugh, but there’s nothing idiotic about it. And beside the joy and laughter it’ll bring you, this movie will also touches your heart, you might even shed a tear.  You will laugh and cry and laugh and cry trough this movie. Well, I did ;D

So, what this movie is really about?

Passions, purposes and dreams. How you listen to your heart and live accordingly. To find who you really are, your value, and what is the most important thing for you. I think that’s the basic point of this movie.

This 2009 Bollywood movie was loosely adapted from the novel by Chetan Bhagat ‘Five Point Someone’ and directed by Rajkumar Hirani.

The story rolls among this three students of Imperial College of Engineering, one of the best colleges in India: Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan), Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi), and Rancchoddas “Rancho” Shymaldas Chanchad (Aamir Khan).

From the very first time they started their lives as the freshmen, Rancho have shown strong principles.  He’s holding on what he believes in. He is different and not afraid to show it. It makes him some kind of rebel, in a good way.

Rancho knows his passions very well. Engineering is definitely one of them. His huge interest  of machine and his love of learning making it not hard for him to always become the number one in college grades. The difference is he’s not aiming to get the grades but more for the joy of learning, to improve his knowledge, to understand the thing he loves better so he can do it better. Like Rancho said in the movie:

“…Never study to be successful, study for self efficiency.  Don’t run behind success. Follow behind excellence, success will come all way behind you.”

‘3 idiots’ is questioning Indian education system, where it has more focus on grades rather than the learning process itself.  Students is being demanded to3-idiots-movie-story fulfill the school strict rules and expectations, to think by the book instead of having their own original and innovative thinking.  It’s not important to learning something new, understand things or creating new things based on that understanding, it’s more important to remember what the book said, word by word. That way you can pass the exams and graduated with good grades, get a degree then get good job easily because of it. That’s what this movie tells us about the system there. It also shows us that there seems to be only two main career options most parents can think of, which is engineering and medicine.  Those two options (and that two options only) are defining success for the parents and their expectations for their children to do one of the options, even before they were born, is overlooked the children real interest.

Through the presence of Rancho, how he sees things and acts based on it, and the entire story line, the social message behind the movie is smoothly delivered without being preachy.

I feel that we have somewhat the same education system here in Indonesia, so I can totally relate to it. The expectations, the pressure, the stress.  Sometimes we know what we love but we choose to do what our parents expect us to do. Sometimes we’re so get used to the system that we don’t know what we truly love or what is really important anymore.  We just follow what we demanded to do. We forget to listen to our own heart, we lost our enthusiasm and courage to dream, to live.

There’s one song that I love from this movie that represents those conditions so well:

Give Me Some Sunshine

There are so many great quotes in the movie.  One of them has become the trademark of Rancho and the movie itself  “Aal iz well”. It has been used along the movie. Here are the dialog snippet when Rancho explaining the philosophy of the phrase to his two best friends:

Rancho: “…See, our heart right, is a big coward.  Keep our heart fooled.  If you have any big problem in life, tell your heart, ‘No problem baby, everything is ok. Aal iz well, aal iz well.”

Raju: “So, that will solve the problem?”

Rancho: “No, but still it gains the dare to survive.”

Rancho has inspired people around him, especially his two best friends.  He touched and changed their lives. He’s been missing for ten years when his two best friends is finally get some information about his whereabouts.  This movie is also about the journey to find him. Where did Rancho go? And Why? You’ll find the answers and so much more in the movie.

This movie teaches us, again without being preachy, how to listen to our heart, to not be afraid to dream and pursue that dream, to focus on today and not scared of the future, to have courage to hold on what we believe in, to tell what we want to our parents in a good, polite way, without yelling or threatening them. Comedy, drama, love, mystery, romance, and friendship, the whole package is there in the movie.

One last sentence when Farhan quote Rancho:

“…Whatever you enjoy doing, make that your profession. Then work won’t seem to be work, but a game.”

It’s never too late to start listening to our heart, to learn, to find our passions and pursue our dreams. In any condition of your life right now, whenever it feels hard, when you’re scared, you don’t need to be worried.  Aal iz well.

3 idiots trailer