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Four Races, One Medal, Lots of Happy Feelings

Like what I have wrote here, one of the things I started doing in 2013 was joining running races.

I was in the middle of trying to reignite my jogging habit when I heard about this race called Jakarta International 10K (also known as Milo Run as it was sponsored by Milo). I bumped into @mrshananto‘s tweet about the race and started to look for more information about it.

It brought me to the videos about how Milo trained these three people (one of them was @mrshananto, the other two was @millyshafiq and @alhabasya) to join the race.

Three of them were never really do any sport regularly, including running. In that 8 weeks program, Milo provided them with coaches and nutritionist to prepare them for a 10K running.

I hadn’t really do any sport lately and I never run that far. But the videos were truly inspired me, so I decided to join the race too. And I’m very glad I did.

I think I reached the finish line in around 1 hour and 40 minutes. Not so bad considering that I didn’t do enough practice. I walked about half the race. I got no medal or certificate that were provided for limited early finishers. But it felt so great! 😀

Milo Runners

That was on June 23, 2013. On September 22, 2013, my work place became one of the media partners of this running event called Sunday Fun Run and get some free registrations number as part of the deal. This time I and some of my co-workers were joining the 5K race. Again, no medal (because apparently it’s not part of the deal :( ). But at least this time I had some company (in running and in not getting medal :p).

The third race was the best race I had so far. It was King of The Road (KOTR) that was held by Adidas on September 29, 2013, just a week after my second race.

It was very well organized, the race pack was nice, but what mostly made it best is that I did it with my closest friends. By the way, this time, I got a medal. Finally. Hahaha…

My last race on 2013 was Nike We Run or special for Indonesia called Bajak Jakarta (which somewhat means “taking over Jakarta”) on December 15, 2013. It was one of the most anticipated race of the year. The cool part of the race was when we get to finished it inside the Stadion Utama (Main Stadium) of Gelora Bung Karno which is not usually open for public (except the part for the football spectators to sit and watch the game).

That time we could be on the other side of the stadium, tasted the feeling of being an athlete whom were cheered by the audience (even though the cheering sound was just a recording).

It was also wonderful to meet some supporters along the way, doing high five with some supporters form Nike that wore big hands, listen to a group of old lady that cheered you to not give up.  And of course, nothing beats the feeling of reaching the finish line.

Here are some pictures from the races:

I got a finisher t-shirt instead of a medal on the last race, so the KOTR medal is still the only one I got on 2013. Thank God that the joy of the race is way above any medal. These running races is definitely one of the biggest contributor of my happiness last year. Looking forward to join some other races this year :)


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Dream Catcher

Another book review. Haha.. I don’t know how long it’s gonna last, but I think while I still feel like it I will keep writing a review on every book I finished reading. It helps me understand the book better anyway. And hopefully, helps other people to get the big picture of the book, inspire them to read more, write a review, or even write a book too. 😀

“Dream Catcher” is a book written by Alanda Kariza, a 21 year old college student (by the time this book is published, on 2012).

Alanda believes that dream is something that you got to have in life. For it will gives you a purpose, a direction to who you want to be or what you want to do with your live. Your dream will guide you to the life you want to live in.

Based on her own experience, Alanda shares what she knows about dream, from inventing your dream, changing your mindset about what you think stopping you from achieving your dream, designing the blueprint (plans and visualizations) of your dream, making your dream come true, and finally, living your dream.


Dreams are invented. You should find out what you want to do. Your dream could come from something you love, a problem you want to solve, things you want to change, or something you want to share with others.

When you found your dream, it’s time to make it come true. First by believing that you can achieve any dream, then making some plans to really reach it.

To reach your dream is the hardest part. You need the right attitude and a strong determination. It needs focus, persistency, and perseverance. You have to find even create opportunities, set your priorities, open your eyes and mind to new insights and possibilities. Along the way, you should never forget to be yourself and make sure that your doing it for the right reason.

Even when you already living your dream, you still have to maintain your life quality. You should keep learning and improving yourself. Remember to share and improve others too. You should also renew your dreams. That way you will keep growing as a human being. Be your better self and give more meaning to your life and the live of other people.

Last but not least, be happy. In a way to make your dreams come true, when you’re living your dream, or when you’re creating new dreams. Try your best but enjoy what you do. Aim high but make peace with every hardship or failure.

Dream Catcher page lay out

I think those are some things that I got from reading the book. Of course there are a lot more. You got to read it yourself to get them. 😀

“Dream Catcher” has a cool lay out design that make reading it more fun. Alanda also make it feels like a sharing to a friend. Besides her own experience, she also put other successful young profile that had accomplish some of their dreams and in a way to achieve other dreams in their life. There are also some simple worksheet in the book that related with the topic in that chapter.

Alanda is an active young woman. With her friends, she establish a community for young people The Cure for Tomorrow (2006) and Indonesian Youth Conference. She was chosen to represent Indonesia in some international forum like Global Changemakers and One Young World. She received some awards one of them as one of the most influential woman in Indonesia (Marketeers, 2011). She writes in various media, and “Dream Catcher” is her fourth book.

We can also be like her. Catch our own dreams and create any kind of life we want.