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Explaining is Learning

I had this one concept in my head but once I try to write it down I get confused. Have you ever been like that?

It’s either I don’t completely understand the concept or I just don’t know how to express it. It could be a bit of both. But I think it’s more to the first reason.

Sometimes we feel like we have a full grip on a subject, until comes the time for us to explain it to other people.

You see, the ability to make people understand a concept is part of the knowledge itself. The more knowledge you have, the easier you can explain it to people. If you could explain a complicated subject in a simple way that anyone can understand, than you an expert to that subject.

So when you want to know how well you understand something, try to explain it. First to yourself then to other people. If you don’t get confused or making anyone confused then maybe you really know what you’re talking about.

Explaining is actually helps you understand better about the subject too. It makes you think over about the subject, try to put it in words, see it in different point of views. That’s why I believe that explaining is learning. Writing is a way to explain things, so it also a way to learn.

Anyway, this is a week that I didn’t miss (you’ll understand if you read that post). 😀 The bad news is, I still haven’t finished any book.

Let’s hope that I can read more next week, and write more, and explain a concept better. In another word, to learn more.

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