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Thoughts vs Habits

WatchThe quote above means we should pay attention to our thoughts, whether it’s negative or positive, because eventually it will affect our destiny. It also means we could create thoughts that will shape our destiny the way we want it to be.

Now, I perceive thought as paradigm, the way we see things. Whether we think something is possible or impossible, what we think we can or can’t do, whether we see the world as abundance of resources, goodness, and happiness for everyone or just a limited amount of them that we should compete to have some.

Whatever we believe, our words and actions will follow. When we consciously decided to reshape our thoughts, it will be easier to form actions that synchronize with it, which then become our habits, that build our character and finally our destiny.

It will not be as effective, or long lasting, if we decided to directly change our habits against what we truly believe. For example, when we think that wake up early is good but not that important for our life schedule and priorities, we might be able to do it for some amount of time, than we back on choosing to sleep longer instead. It will be so hard to keep on giving when you still strongly believe that you don’t have enough and it will just make your life even harder.

Of course, it still need a strong determination and discipline to build the new habit to make us get used to the new consciously chosen thoughts. It works like a circle that effect each other and then work together to shape our character and destiny.

Well, that’s how i see it. How about you?

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As I Destined to Be

Today, years ago, was the day when God gave me the chance to see the world for the first time. The chance to live and do whatever I meant to do as one of His perfect creation.

Today means another year of my life had passed and the day when I finally have to leave this world is getting closer.

Today is a reminder that I was here for something. That I was born into this world to do my part, to make a contribution.

Because it’s true, right?

Nobody is here for no reason.

Life is a great gift but also a huge responsibility.

It’s the chance to enjoy all beauty it offers, then create the best thing we could from it.

This is the day when I was born.

I can never stop be grateful for the chance to live and for the life I’ve been having so far.

With all the love and birthday wishes I got today, I wish I could make the most of my existence in this world. To really make my birth means something. Not only to people that I love,  but to as many life as possible.

As I destined to be.

Katsumoto: Do you believe a man can change his destiny?
Algren: I believe a man does what he can until his destiny is revealed.
– The Last Samurai –