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de Mingle

One day, my youngest sister got two IDR 100K vouchers  to use at a bistro named de Mingle. She asked me and my other sister to enjoy the vouchers and go with her on a lunch date. So to de Mingle we went.

We chose a table by the window on the first floor.  The waiters were so nice and friendly. One of them was kindly explained to us that even though the original version may not be, the version that they made there is halal (allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines). The waiter were also informed us about the second floor, that we might be enjoy better. We decided to go upstairs and did like it 😀

The second floor is more spacious with bigger windows where we could look outside while enjoying our food. The whole place is cozy with a nice interior.

The menu is divided into three categories: Indonesian, Dutch, and Western. Each of us ordered the food from a different category so we could try them all ;D

We like everything we ordered. It’s delicious! Or in dutch: lekker :9

The price range is around IDR 100K per person.

We totally enjoyed our lunch date that day :)

de Mingle – Indo Dutch Bistro Graha Handaya
Jl. Raya Pejuangan Kav. 12A Unit C., Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat.


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