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I don’t remember when was the first time I saw a preview of this documentary movie, but I remember that I really interested to watch the rest of it. So when I heard that it finally available to watch in theaters, I absolutely wouldn’t miss the chance.

The most questions I got about the movie was, is it boring?

Maybe because it’s a documentary. Maybe we just can’t imagine what could be interesting about a live of a “pengamen” (street musician or what they called busker in this movie), who some of us sees almost everyday on our way to do our activities.

Well, boring is one word that is not belong to this movie.

Without a scripted drama or adjusted storyline, “Jalanan” (the street) opened a window to a real life of buskers in Jakarta. The movie let the audience get to know the buskers in a more up-close-and-personal kind of way, that helped you see them beyond, but not apart from, what they do as a living.


Watching the movie, following the life of the three buskers: Ho, Titi, and Boni, made me realize so many things. How there are different kinds of world and living out there, where mine is just one of them. How bad governance, where corruption is the inseparable part of it, is hurting the country and while it might not disturb the life of the higher class that much, the lower class of the society feel the direct effect of it.

What I love about the movie is the inspiration that comes from the optimism those three amazing main characters shows. They’re living a hard life but they don’t give up on their future. They struggle but do not forget to laugh and be grateful. They enjoy life, while some of us with more things we have can’t seems to stop complaining.

Daniel Ziv, the director of “Jalanan” spent about 6 years to made this movie. Then the more than 200 hours of footage the team got was edited with the help from Ernest Weiss-Haryanto. The movie then won Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) Mecenat Award for the best documentary at BIFF 2013.

Aside from the award, I want to say here that I consider the movie as a gift for Indonesia. It’s a privilege to see that one part of Jakarta that might usually being overlooked. To recognize Ho, Titi, and Boni as persons, as Indonesians, to listen to their stories and thoughts, to see Indonesia through their eyes, to enjoy great songs that they created, to laugh and cry with them.

I recommend everyone, to watch this movie. You can get more information about it from @JalananMovie. Meanwhile, you can watch the awesome trailer:

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