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After Another Week

It took me years to finally make a website for my blog. It took another week to publish my first post and another week to publish the second one ;p

To keep a blog alive, you got to keep blogging.

Every blogger have their own post frequency.  Some publish one post everyday, some even write more than one post each day, some three times a week, some once a week, some a lot longer than that.

There are of course some blogs that only updated once a month or even being abandoned for months before there’s finally another post. A new blogger are usually excited about their blogs and update it everyday, one or more post each day. Then after the excitement level went down, because of some distractions in life, busy with so many other things, not in the mood to make another post, or simply not interested anymore, some of the new blogger then begin to reduce their post frequency and some even left their blog to death.

It’s not weird or anything. It’s very common actually.  People change. Maybe blogging is not for them anymore, maybe they have a different priorities now, maybe they just need to have a break.

Well, I’m a new blogger, who start with a lot of fears and a timid step. One of my fears is not having any idea what to write about.  But I want to keep my blog alive (as many other new bloggers intended to do I assume :p).

The key, I believe, is to keep the rhythm, to choose a post frequency and commit to it.  I don’t want to publish a dozen posts a day for my first days blogging, but then not updating my blog at all for weeks.  I realize that one post a day is too much for me right now. So, I will publish one post each week for a start. It’s pretty hard for me to commit to even that for now.  But I’m not even gonna try, I will just do it.

And this is my second post. After another week 😉

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