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Comic 8

“Comic 8″ is produced by H.B Naveen and Frederica from Falcon Pictures and directed by Anggi Umbara, with Fajar Umbara as the scripwriter.

The main character of this movie are divided into three teams:

1. The Amateurs: Fico Fachriza, Priya Prayogha Pratama a.k.a. Babe Cabiita, Bintang Timur.

2. The Gangster: Ernest Prakasa, Arie Kriting, Ahmad Kemal Palevi.

3. The Freaks: Rony Imannuel a.k.a Mongol Stress, Mudy Taylor.

Each team has their own reason to rob a bank. The problem is, all of them were happen to rob the same bank on the same day.

The story then moved around the interaction between the three teams, with their hostages, and the police, that were headed by the beautiful Nirina Zubir and her partner Boy William (who speaks English most of the time).

Beside the eight stand-up comedian (comics) who were playing as characters with their own name, “Comic 8″ is filled with a lot of familiar names like: Indro Warkop, Henky SolaimanAgus Kuncoro, Pandji Pragiwaksono, Nikita Mirzani, Agung HerculesGe Pamungkas, Ence Bagus, Cak Lontong, Candil , Jeremy Teti, Kiki Fatmala, Laila Sari, and Coboy Junior.

Comic 8As an action comedy movie, it may not be hilarious, but it’s not totally not funny either. It made me laugh at some parts and smile at other parts. Yes, some jokes are somewhat cliche, some dialogs might be better left unsaid, and there were some missing details that degraded the movie great potential to be better. Yet as a whole movie, it’s still a nice entertainment that are worth to watch.

I like the use of flashbacks to revealed the background of each robbers and surprises  that came with each flashback. The movie is visually interesting for my eyes too.

For the action part, I found it pretty cool, with all those shootings  with multiple kinds of weapons, from revolver, bazooka, machine gun, and explosions caused by dynamites and grenades.

The best part of this movie, for me, is the unpredictable twists. While my favorite character is Mongol Mungil 😀

This is the trailer that made me want to watch the movie in the first place:

Lucky me, I got two free tickets from a twitter quiz held by @pandji, and got to watched the movie with him (and other winners) as a bonus.

Another bonus ;)
Photo booth! :D
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Stand-Up Comedy Indonesia

Stand-up comedy is something that we can say pretty new in Indonesia. There were not so many people know or even heard about it and even if there were some people that might do stand-up here, it remain below the surface. Not until the  end of 2011 it became popular in the country.

Stand-Up Comedy Indonesia (SUCI), the first television program about stand-up comedy in Indonesia, was also the first trigger that made people aware about this “new style” of comedy and start talking about it. Taking the form of reality show to find a talented stand-up comedian (comic) -like American Idol for comics, SUCI manage to create an enthusiasm among Indonesian people. Those who already into stand-up comedy or interested to be a comic to those who never really heard about it before but were willing to join the competition or just simply interested to find out what’s this all about.

SUCI was broadcasted from September-December 2011. Ryan Adriandhy, Insan Nur Akbar, and Ernest Prakasa were the three finalists.  The competition were finally won by Ryan.

The host of SUCI season 1


It didn’t end there though. As I said earlier, SUCI was the trigger.  SUCI put together some people from some different cities in Indonesia with the same interest of stand-up comedy. It then followed by the idea to form some kind of place to share that interest with more people that also into stand-up comedy, a place where they can learn and support each other. So then a community named Standup Comedy Indonesia (@StandUpIndo) was born. The two finalists of SUCI, Ernest and Ryan, together with Pandji Pragiwaksono, Raditya Dika, and Isman H. Suryaman are the name behind the community. With more and more people interested in this style of comedy, more communities of stand-up comedy from many cities and universities around Indonesia were also being formed.

The Finalist of SUCI 1

I got to say that I also a bit carried away by the hype. It’s not that I want to be a comic, joining the community and all that, but it does get pretty much of my attention. I like the concept of stand-up comedy. How you can talk about everything from daily life to politics and religion without being to serious. How you can learn to laugh yourself or the condition around you but at the same time make you think about it. Make you pay more attention on things you usually forget or try to ignore. Make you realize some things you don’t before, seeing things from other point of view, found similarities among differences, and make peace with anything that previously makes you afraid or bothering you.

I like that. And I like that I get to laugh while getting all that.

So far, I’ve only watched two stand-up comedy show directly-not trough some media like tv, dvd, or youtube- and enjoyed both of them so much. They are Pandji’s “Merdeka dalam Bercanda Comedy Tour”, which is part of his cool show INDONESIA: and a stand-up by Ernest on the launching of his book+DVD, “Dari Merem ke Melek” (the DVD is the recording of his Merem Melek Comedy Tour finale).

I went to the launching because apparently I’m one of the first 100 people who pre-ordered the book+DVD package. I never intended to get the invitation, but I absolutely don’t mind to get one! ;D

I even allowed to take some friends. So I went with my youngest sister (she’s the only one available at that time). We watch the DVD together with other guests, having a free pizza and sodas, watch Ernest doing stand-up, and of course having his signature on the book and taking a picture with Ernest and Ge Pamungkas, the winner of SUCI season 2 who become the host that day (too bad we missed Ge’s stand-up). We’re having so much fun! :)

Left: Me, Ernest Prakasa, and my sister; Right: With Ge Pamungkas

SUCI is going to start its third season now. They already doing the audition. Let’s hope that it will found some great comics that together with other Indonesian comics will make stand-up even better and do their part in making Indonesia a better nation. While making lots of laugh. 😉