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Thoughts vs Habits

WatchThe quote above means we should pay attention to our thoughts, whether it’s negative or positive, because eventually it will affect our destiny. It also means we could create thoughts that will shape our destiny the way we want it to be.

Now, I perceive thought as paradigm, the way we see things. Whether we think something is possible or impossible, what we think we can or can’t do, whether we see the world as abundance of resources, goodness, and happiness for everyone or just a limited amount of them that we should compete to have some.

Whatever we believe, our words and actions will follow. When we consciously decided to reshape our thoughts, it will be easier to form actions that synchronize with it, which then become our habits, that build our character and finally our destiny.

It will not be as effective, or long lasting, if we decided to directly change our habits against what we truly believe. For example, when we think that wake up early is good but not that important for our life schedule and priorities, we might be able to do it for some amount of time, than we back on choosing to sleep longer instead. It will be so hard to keep on giving when you still strongly believe that you don’t have enough and it will just make your life even harder.

Of course, it still need a strong determination and discipline to build the new habit to make us get used to the new consciously chosen thoughts. It works like a circle that effect each other and then work together to shape our character and destiny.

Well, that’s how i see it. How about you?

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The Raid 2: Berandal

If you are into action movies, moreover had a thing for what they called gory action, this movie would be a perfect choice.

As the second part of The Raid trilogy, “The Raid 2: Berandal*” is even better than the first movie a.k.a “The Raid: Redemption”. [*thug]

Having “The Raid: Redemption” as a comparison, “The Raid 2: Berandal” will exceed your expectation in the proportion of blood and action. The fighting scenes was intense with a lot more variation in location. It’s pretty cool for me to watch some familiar places on screen (one of the scene was actually took place in front of the building where I watched the movie :D).

The story (which is written by the director Gareth Evans), even might not the strongest part of the movie, is still interesting to follow, and despite of a couple of name recognizing problem, I could enjoy it just fine. It also has more complexity than the first movie which make it even better to watch.

The Raid 2

Beside Rama, the main character who played by Iko Uwais (who is better in fighting than acting), this movie filled with great characters and casts, such as Bunarwan – the police official who put Rama on his new mission  (Cok Simbara), Reza – the corrupt police (Roy Marten), Bangun – one of the two powerful mob boss who runs crime in Jakarta (Tio Pakusadewo), Uco – conflicted son of Bangun (Arifin Putra), Goto – the other mob boss (Kenichi Endo), Bejo – a newcomer who wants to take over the criminal world (Alex Abbad), The Assassin – who uses kerambit as his weapon (Cecep Arif Rahman), The Hammer Girl (Julie Estelle) and her brother The Baseball Bat Man (Very Tri Yulisman). You can also see the performance of Oka Antara, Deddy Sutomo, Kazuki Kitamura, Ryuhei Matsuda, Epy Kusnandar, Yayan Ruhian and Marsha Timothy.

The fighting choreography by Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian (which based on Indonesian martial art of Pencak Silat) was impressive. Along with the beautiful cinematography by Dimas Imam Subhono and Matt Flanery, and amazing score by Fajar Yuskemal, Aria Prayogi, and Joseph Trapanese, “The Raid 2: Berandal” was presenting an experience full of excitement.

Of course, this movie is not for everyone. The level of violence is not for anyone under age (we got our id at 17 year old in Indonesia, so I think it’s a quite save age, though I recommend you to wait until you’re at least 20 :))). If you’re scared of blood and prefer a peaceful scene from a movie, this movie is not for you either.

Feel the piece of the movie on the trailer below :)

Comic 8

“Comic 8″ is produced by H.B Naveen and Frederica from Falcon Pictures and directed by Anggi Umbara, with Fajar Umbara as the scripwriter.

The main character of this movie are divided into three teams:

1. The Amateurs: Fico Fachriza, Priya Prayogha Pratama a.k.a. Babe Cabiita, Bintang Timur.

2. The Gangster: Ernest Prakasa, Arie Kriting, Ahmad Kemal Palevi.

3. The Freaks: Rony Imannuel a.k.a Mongol Stress, Mudy Taylor.

Each team has their own reason to rob a bank. The problem is, all of them were happen to rob the same bank on the same day.

The story then moved around the interaction between the three teams, with their hostages, and the police, that were headed by the beautiful Nirina Zubir and her partner Boy William (who speaks English most of the time).

Beside the eight stand-up comedian (comics) who were playing as characters with their own name, “Comic 8″ is filled with a lot of familiar names like: Indro Warkop, Henky SolaimanAgus Kuncoro, Pandji Pragiwaksono, Nikita Mirzani, Agung HerculesGe Pamungkas, Ence Bagus, Cak Lontong, Candil , Jeremy Teti, Kiki Fatmala, Laila Sari, and Coboy Junior.

Comic 8As an action comedy movie, it may not be hilarious, but it’s not totally not funny either. It made me laugh at some parts and smile at other parts. Yes, some jokes are somewhat cliche, some dialogs might be better left unsaid, and there were some missing details that degraded the movie great potential to be better. Yet as a whole movie, it’s still a nice entertainment that are worth to watch.

I like the use of flashbacks to revealed the background of each robbers and surprises  that came with each flashback. The movie is visually interesting for my eyes too.

For the action part, I found it pretty cool, with all those shootings  with multiple kinds of weapons, from revolver, bazooka, machine gun, and explosions caused by dynamites and grenades.

The best part of this movie, for me, is the unpredictable twists. While my favorite character is Mongol Mungil 😀

This is the trailer that made me want to watch the movie in the first place:

Lucky me, I got two free tickets from a twitter quiz held by @pandji, and got to watched the movie with him (and other winners) as a bonus.

Another bonus ;)
Photo booth! :D

Berani Mengubah

This post is about the first book that I finished this year. I started reading it at the end of 2012. It took a pretty long time I know. I haven’t really read many books lately. This is exactly why I made the book list.

So I finally finished a book. A good one too. It titled “Berani Mengubah” (dare to change) by Pandji Pragiwaksono. The book basically tells about how we should be doing something to create change instead of only demand it to happen. To be more specific, how we can change Indonesia.

The book reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

“Be the change you want to see in the world” -Mahatma Gandhi

I do think that proactivity is one of the most important mentality anyone should have. Being proactive means taking a full responsibility of your life. Believe that you can make things happen, not just blaming everyone or everything else for what happened to or around you. It means taking control of yourself and all the potential in it to create some action towards change rather then just complaining or waiting for the change to happen.

Proactivity is one thing that you should have to be able to create change. Once you believe that you have the power, the next thing you need to know is how to use the power. What could we actually do for Indonesia? This is what the book then try to answer.

Berani Mengubah

To change something, we first of all have to understand about its condition. First four chapters of the book mentioning the area of knowledge that we have to learn in order to change Indonesia, from politics, law, economy, to the history, characteristic, and the development of the country so far.

All those knowledge will open our eyes, help us understand what is really going on in Indonesia, the reason behind events and decisions our government makes, how things works and influence other things. Then we can see what kind of problems Indonesia are dealing with, how we could help solving them, and which part we could change to be better.

One thing you should know about Indonesia is its wide diversity. It is the biggest archipelago in the world with ten of thousands of islands spread between  Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. There are around 240 millions people in Indonesia with all kind of differences in culture, religions, believes, educations, views and way of thinking. The problem is, most Indonesian people still having a hard time to accept and appreciate those differences. Some to the level of hurting their fellow Indonesian. Just because they’re different.

To be more open to new and different things. To understand before hate. To not see differences as threats but more as a natural thing in life that we can even make a good use out of. To live side by side and work together in harmony despite of any differences. Those are things that Indonesia have to learn to be able to move forward. To create unity in diversity not to force an uniformity. That’s what the book talk about in its next chapter.

Of course we can’t do everything. That is why, by showing examples of some Indonesian heroes, those who are already out there doing amazing things and creating changes, it said that we better focus on the thing our heart lean into the most. Our calling. Our passion. That way we can create more change. Consistently generating a significant impact.

The book also mentions about being known internationally. Because, by then we could bring greater impact to more people. We could give and contribute more as the  part of the world community. Indonesia would also be acknowledged by the world.

“Berani Mengubah” gave me basic insights and knowledge to start creating changes. It contains so much in 198 pages. The words Pandji used in the book are easy to understand. But like what he said in the last part of it, it’s time to act upon what you read. It’s not easy to create change. It takes courage. And that’s what the title of the book is all about.

I also like to quoted a poem from W.S. Rendra that are written in the last page of the book:

Kesadaran adalah matahari

Kesabaran adalah bumi

Keberanian menjadi cakrawala

Dan perjuangan

Adalah pelaksanaan kata-kata.