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So I start reading the fantasy novel today. My choice fell on The Infernal Devices Series: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, which is the prequel of The Mortal Instrument Series.

Like what I’ve mention here, hopefully this would be the door to go back to the reading like crazy world. I will start with 50 pages a day.

What are you reading right now? Feel free to share on the comment section 😀 (please).


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4 thoughts on “Reading Update

  1. I was doing the same things three weeks ago, tried to go back on reading routine, but it stopped since I read Maya. I tried to get into it but since it’s kind of heavy, I failed. And I haven’t continued reading it ever since. T_T

    1. Yeah, this is not my first attemp either.. I think what’s important is to keep trying 😀

      My tips so far is to start with a book that you like; when you stuck, change book; make a minimum page target each day that is easy for you to accomplish no matter how busy or bored or tired you are. You could always start with 5 pages a day for example. Or even a page, just to make you don’t stop. Because, based on my expeeience, it’s a lot easier to increase the target then to start over after you stop.

      And now my comment is even longer than the post it self :))

      I guess I’m just excited for new comments. Thanks for stopping by! ;*

  2. I am reading.. Umm.. “25 Kisah Nabi dalam Al Qur’an”, One day – one story. I read that loudly for my baby (I’m Pregnant about 5 month). Good for you to keep reading with target like that. Im a little envy, because reading is not my favorit T__T

    1. Wow, that’s cool. Si tomat malah belum dibacain apa-apa nih.

      Hey, you can do it too you know. Start from 1 to 5 pages a day. Make reading one of your habit :)

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