Please Look After Mom

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Can you hold your tears up while thinking about your mother, all the love she’s been giving you through every little things she does? I think most people can’t. I know I’m one of those people.

The story begins when a wife was separated with her husband in Seoul train station. A few stations after, the husband realized that his wife wasn’t following him into the train and rushed back to pick her up, but never found her.

The entire family, the husband and their children, were looking after her. Day after day, week after week, month after month…

“You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone” could be used to describe this story. Only after their mother (and wife) were gone, they started to remember everything about her. How she took a very good care of them. How she sacrificed lots of things, done things that they can’t even imagine doing half of.

Please Look After Mom (goodreads)Of course they always love her, but they were almost too busy with their own lives to really think about how much she meant in each of their lives. While looking for her, they were thinking about her as a person, about her life and dreams. They were asking themselves if she was happy, hoping that she’s okay, wishing that they have done better things for her.

The writer, Kyung-sook Shin,ย  were using different point of views to write each chapter of the book (the first person, the second person, and the third person point of view all together). It’s pretty confusing at first,ย  but I kind of enjoy it after a while. I think it helps me to see through the characters eyes better and relate to the story even more.

Back to the first sentence of this post, the answer to that is exactly why I wet my eyes more than once while reading this book. While each character were bringing up memories about their mother, I’m thinking about mine.

When it comes to mothers, what they’ve done for us seems never ending while what we’ve done for her feels like never enough. Still, we tend to take it for granted from time to time, forget to appreciate it as well as we should.

The highest gratitude for all mothers in this world, especially for my own mother. Reading the book, I ended said to myself and pray to God to, “Please Look After Mom”.

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4 thoughts on “Please Look After Mom

  1. “…I ended said to myself and pray to God to, โ€œPlease Look After Momโ€.” :’) mly waktu itu baca tp belom kelar, baru dari sudut pandang pertama yg cewek penulis itu.

      1. mly baru ngerti maksud aca hahah, maksud mly tuh kan bukunya bercerita dari sisi anak2nya kan, nah mly waktu itu baru baca dari anak yg cewek penulis itu, ditaruh di bab pertama kan ya. gitu maksud mly

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