My Life As: Actor

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This book is the third book from the “My Life As” series written by Haqi Achmad.

After “My Life As: Video Music Director” and “My Life As: Film Director”, Haqi interviewed four Indonesian bright young actors and wrote their stories in this book.

In “My Life As: Actor”,  Dimas Anggara, Emir Mahira, Oka Antara, and Reza Rahadian, shared their experiences and point of views about what being an actor is about.

I think it is a good book for they whom interested to become an actor, looking for some insights about the profession or want to have a glimpse on the life of an actor (especially the ones mentioned in the book).

It’s not a deep or detailed book about acting or being an actor, but it has some interesting hint and tips of how someone can go from a person who always been rejected in acting to a famous actor that wins awards in his career.

From the journey of these four actors, you will see how being an actor is not simply relying on good looks, how sensitivity and wide insights is needed in acting, how you need to keep learning and working hard to stay and shine in the industry.

Like in most of other jobs, passion, motivation, and attitude is important in this profession. You need to be able to work in a team and build a good communication and relationship with other actors and the entire crews in any projects you are in. Being humble is a must. That way you can accept criticism well, learning from anyone anywhere, and never stop developing yourself, as an actor and as a human being.

The nice colorful layout is easy on the eye. And I think I should mention that there are some cool pictures of the handsome actors in the book (totally easy on the eye ;D). There are also some tips from Monty Tiwa (a movie director) and two casting directors about being an actor.

I enjoy reading this book and looking forward for the next book of the series: “My Life As: Writer”. :)

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