Liven Up My Reading spirit

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I miss reading like crazy, read up to 13 books in a month, enjoying every moment of it.

The 2015 book list stop on May. That means three months without reading any book. The truth is, I actually read some books, I just never finish any of them.

I think I will go to fantasy novel to liven up my reading spirit. It usually makes me ready to read everything else.

What kind of books that you like the most?

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4 thoughts on “Liven Up My Reading spirit

  1. My book list is embarassing :( only a book a month and none on july while I got plenty of time to do it. Good luck to you!!

    My fave kinds would be.. Everyday life stories that I can relate to, that depicts reality in the most realistic ways but not bitter, slice of life stories. But I also love fantasy!!

    1. I haven’t read any book for months too before this month. Let’s start again!

      You mean like “based on true stories” kind of books? One of my fav too..

  2. Aku suka cerita tentang percintaan, keluarga, fashion. Bacaan yang ringan. Suka cerita kisah nyata maupun fantasy. Dan gimana pun awal, klimaks pertengahan ceritanya, akhirnya harus bahagia. Because I like happy ending story. Everybody deserved to happy :’))))

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