If You Want to Have, Be.

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If you want to have, be.

I think that’s how it works. I think that’s what we meant to do.

We are here to become. And we got what we ‘deserve’.

We were meant to give.

To focus on our own roles in this world. To give our best in each of the roles.

We should focus on what we can give. What we can do to help. What kind of favor we can offer to make things better.

We make sure that every breath counts. That every step worth something.

That there’s nothing useless from our existence, from the life God has given to us.

What people give us in return is not our problem. How they responded is not really our job to think about.

Allah will count all kindness and effort to the smallest. He wouldn’t miss a thing. Every single thing we do will come back to us in a way we sometime couldn’t even imagine.

When we put our expectation on people, we might get dissapointed. But when we let go everything to Allah, we could be sure that we always get the best thing in return for what we have done. All the time.

So, if you want to a have a great friend, be a great friend.

Be the friend you want to have.

Be the daughter or son you want to have.

Be the spouse you want to have.

Be someone with qualities you want to see in a person.

Be the best you could possibly be. Do the best. Give the best of you.

Then let God take care of the rest. Let the system works.

You’ll have what you deserve.  Who you are will determine what or who you’re trusted with in this world.

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