First New Habit Of The Year!

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I was not in a very good physical condition this week to the point that I have to stop my jogging activity for a while.

It’s been 35 days in a row. Some theories said that it took 21 days to create a new habit, some said 30 or 33. I guess I’ve passed them all 😉

So, I proudly say that I have finally manage to create this new habit I’ve been longing to create: Jogging (along with waking up early, taking an early bath, and having breakfast every morning ;D). At least the first part of it. :)

I’m not done yet of course. Before I stopped, I was still walk and jog, in an almost balance time length now, for 30 minutes. It was the third week of the Mr.Rudd program. I’m still somewhat recovering, so I decided not to jog yet. I will start the third week all over again on Monday.

quote_39I want to make sure that I’ll keep jogging for the rest of my life, as long as I can, because I believe that this habit is good for me. It has passed 21 days, and 30, and 33. It does feel lots easier to do it than when I first started it. It begins to be part of me. But to keep it that way, to get the advantages of it, I believe that I have to keep doing it.

I am pursuing excellence, and like Aristotle said, excellence is a habit. So here is my first new habit of the year that I’m willing to keep.

This is a good start, don’t you think? It will be followed by other good habits I’m going to build trough out the year I hope.

Welcome my new habit(s)!! Looking forward to be excellent with you! 😉

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