February 29th

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Limit is one thing that make something special.

Like the way death limit our life.

Like limited amount of time and energy we have in one day.

Like how limited edition product is more expensive than the regular one.

Not everyone can be your best friend, or even your friend, and that make them special.

The rarer something is the more special and precious it becomes.

Of course, it’s still up to us to appreciate or take it for granted.

And when we truly appreciate it, it’s amazing what kind of abundance can emerge from it.

Today is February 29th, the only day that we only get to see once in four years.

Is that make it special?

Sure. Especially for the ones who were born on that date.

Is it going to make a difference in our lives?

If we could use it properly then the answer would be yes.

If we let it slipped out of our hand just like that, than it would be no different with the other wasted day in our lives.

May today remind us of how special life is, with all its limit and abundance its offered.

Have a great day everyone! :)

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