Dream High

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There’s something I always like about story that has school as it’s setting, and when it has anything to do with dreams, it definitely will get my attention.  I think that’s why I easily interested to watch this Korean Drama in the first place and I never regret it 😉

The drama consist of these main casts:

1. Go Hyemi (Suzy/ Bae Su Ji):

A beautiful and talented rich girl who has this dream of becoming the next great classical singer. But then, her father’s business goes bankrupt and make her has to give up her dream. Her father left her and her little sister, Jo Hyesong, to get away from the loan shark and get some money to pay their debts to him. Their house was confiscated, so, by the order from their father, Hyemi and Hyesong, live with Kang Oh Hyuk, the man whom was having affair with their mother and make her leave their family before she was finally past away. Hyemi also has to forget her plan to go to Julliard, the best school for classical music in United State, to fulfill the deal she makes with the loan shark in a way to pay her father’s debts, and go to Kirin Arts High School instead.

2. Yoon Baek Hee (Ham Eun Jung):

Hyemi’s bestfriend who used to be called Hyemi’s tail because she follows Hyemi everywhere she goes, wears the same clothes and accessories Hyemi wears. Baek Hee also goes to Kirin. There, the relationship between her and Hyemi starts to change.

3. Jin Gook / Hyun Shi Hyuk (Taecyeon):

This boy knows Hyemi when they were little but never meet her again until now, when Hyemi doesn’t even remember who he is. He is one of the special admission student (students that choosed by the school owner to get into Kirin out of the audition). His mother also has passed away and his relationship with his father is not going so well. He ended up living with Hyemi at Oh Hyuk’s place.

4. Song Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun):

This country bumpkin guy is another admission student. Hyemi comes to his village herself to tell him that he has been chosen to be a student at Kirin. He likes Hyemi from the first time he saw her and this feeling keeps growing strong. Sam Dong is also lives at Oh Hyuk’s house because he has nowhere to live at the city. He’s getting cuter along the drama too :p

5. Jason (Wooyoung) and Kim Pil Sook (IU):

This couple is just too cute ;D Pil Sook who has a beautiful voice but struggles with her overweight problem and ended up at the regular class (where the admission students are) and Jason, a brilliant student who is too proud to admit that he’s in love with Pil Sook.

6. Kang Oh Hyuk (Uhm Ki Joon)

A teacher in Kirin who has a low performance evaluation result. He is far from being the student’s favourite. He has no charisma, his lecture is somewhat boring and he was so close of being fired from the school. But somehow the school owner, that one day come to visit Kirin, saw the potential in him. He has some disagreement of how the school has been ran, and believes that Oh Hyuk can do something about that. Oh Hyuk shows his hidden gift as a great teacher for the regular students (left out students for multiple kind of reasons, usually because they failed at something or just don’t fit the school criteria), help them through the tough process of reaching their dreams, and by the end, his own dream.

Together with other interesting characters, all of them build an amusing show to watch.  The story also has a good spirit in it. It shows you how a sincere heart will touch another heart, how your passions will help you overcome any obstacles, how love and friendship will make you stronger in dealings with problems, how dreams can come together and create an amazing reality.

I enjoy watching it and get inspired at the same time. Of course you have to watch it yourself to find out the entire story. Enjoy the teaser and beautiful OST below 😉




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