Crazy is

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Crazy is how I seems to forget about my dreams. Or how much fun I used to have making them.

Crazy is how I lost any spirit to even look at them. Not even think of making them come true.

Crazy is “to-do-lists” that I never really make again, or when I kinda did, not even trying to get it done.

Crazy is how moments of my life just seems to fly away so fast that I can’t believe they’re gone.

Crazy is how changes are keep coming that even before I get used to one change, I already have to deal with another one.

Crazy is how “peaceful” my life is, but I still feel so confused and scared and worried and tired.

Crazy is how there are many things I could be grateful about, yet I still feel like crying from time to time.

Crazy is created inside my mind.

I just have to stop thinking crazy.

Then everything will stop being crazy.

And I will be fine again.

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