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A New Post. Finally.

Choose one good thing to do in your life, make it a habit then let it change your life.

As simple as that. But not as simple to practice it.

It’s always a challenge to create a new routine, to change what you have usually done for years, especially when there’s no reason to do it but yourself and your wish to be a better person.

Sometimes you want to do lots of things in the same time then ended up doing none of them. Sometimes you just want to do one thing, start doing it then stop after some period of time (like the history of me and this blog).

It’s hard to start, it’s harder to keep doing what you have start. It needs a strong will, a determination, a hard work.

You know what I need right now? A nice lunch.


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To Write or Not to Write

Writing random things is harder than I thought. I think I just not able to really let go yet. I still want it to be “good”, while I don’t put enough time and energy to focus on this blog everyday. And so that is how this blog is left without update for more than a month.

I have to say that this is not the only place I find it hard to write. I think my writing muscle is getting weak. There is no cure to it except to write more on daily basis.

Like they said, if you want to be a writer, the most important thing you need to do is write, write, write. Than of course as the fuel to it you need to read, read, read. Read books and whatever outside books. It just like an athlete needs to keep practicing and eating healthy food.

It needs effort and commitment (to write, to do anything that last). I’ve been failing it for so many times, I know. But, hey, i write today. Let’s start from there (I think I should change the blog name into “Starting Over”).

Whatever. The question for me now is: To write or not to write.

How Do You Write a Review?

After more than four years, I found that I mostly post about book reviews in this blog.

The reason to that, I think, is because I love to read and I like to share what I’ve read.

I use to discuss the book that I read with my sisters. Especially if we all have read the book and found it interesting, or when I read a book and I want them to read it, either for the knowledge or nice stories in it I thought they should know.

We could spent hours to discuss a book. About how the story goes (how surprising, or how we disagree), about the characters in the book (how we love or hate them), about how true some of the wisdom that lies in it, how we learn from the book, how we amaze of how the writer comes up with such ideas and put them into words.

One thing that I know would make me like a book and wanting to discuss about it is how it make me feel. That is what my review is mostly about too.

I’m not an expert of how to write a good review. What should or should not be in it. I don’t know that much about technicality as some other people do. What a good book should, technically, consist of. I might not even read as many books as some avid readers do, to have a masive insight and comparison or knowledge about genres and stuff (see, I don’t even know what to name it).

I just write a review based on how I feel about the book (or film, or place, or event). Any detailed that follows is to describe the feeling.

There are books that open my eyes, shaking my minds with some new point of views that I never thought before. There are books telling me some stuff I’ve heard before with some different kind of ways. There are books that make me understand things better or completed my previous knowledge; connecting the dots. There are books that open up my imagination, bring me to places I’ve never been. Books that make me laugh and cry, inspired and motivated.

BR 2

I’m pretty easy to please. I might dislike a book, but, so far, never hate it. I always try to finish what I started to read, no matter how boring it may be. In most of the cases I eventually enjoy the book or got something from it. So, yes, I believe that we should give books a chance like we should give people chances to show the good side of them.

It is more challenging, however, to write a review than simply discuss it with my sisters. The review is in english, first of all. Then, I need to find the right words to describe some of the many things I want to share, in one single post (instead of bubbling every now and then about random pieces of the book). And the hardest part is: I should watch out for spoilers! ;D

That is why, I didn’t write reviews as much as I read. But I’m planning to write more.

I think sharing what you’ve read is helping you to have a better memory and understanding about it. It’s also a good practice to express your thought.

How about you? How do you review a book? What do you think should or should not be in it?

I would also like to hear your opinion about the reviews I’ve wrote so far. The comment box is open for you. Thanks! :)

I Just Want to Write

Let’s see… The problem with keeping this blog updated is always about “what to write” and “how to write it” problem. It’s between I have no idea what should I write about or how I’m to afraid of being imperfect.

Whether the topic is not interesting or important enough, grammar or spelling mistakes, boring even wrong choice of words, etc.

So, this time, I will try to lower my standard of “quality” and put quantity as a priority. Hopefully that way, we will see more post this year than last year. Maybe not so “amazing” post but maybe it would not be that bad either. I mean who knows. I think there’s a great possibility that some great posts will arise from these random quantity-prioritized posts I’m going to write.

There’s definitely a better chance for it than if let’s say I only write four or five posts in a year.

My first post here is about the reason I created this blog in the first place. I hope this “strategy” could also fulfill those reasons. But whatever that is, by the end of the day, I just want to write.

What do you think about my “strategy”? Do you have your own your tips on keep blogging?

It would be nice if you share it in the comment 😀

First Post After Five Weeks

Hallo world!

I know.. I know.. It’s been a while since I published my last post here. Not only I missed a week, I missed more than a month!

My last post was published on April 25th, so I guess it’s more than five weeks than, huh? Five weeks without any new post at all. I don’t even updated the book list!

I’m not proud of it nor will make excuses on why I’ve been neglecting this blog.

One thing I want to address here is the longer you quit doing something (good), the harder to start again. Like restarting a habit for example. Or in this case, to start blogging again.

I’ve been avoiding to visit my own blog for all those weeks. Either because of the bad feeling of seeing it stay not updated or just simply procrastinate to start blogging again, I’m not sure. But I just don’t go there. Until yesterday, when I decided to start jogging again and feel like reading my post about it before I start.

So yes, I start my first jogging yesterday (I might or might not going to write more about this in the blog). And today, I decided to open the blog again and write another post in it.

So, this is my first post after five weeks. I’m gonna update the book list too.

See you in (hopefully) a lot sooner than five weeks! ;p

To Not Miss Another Week

I hate it when I missed a week.

When I first start out this blog, I made a commitment to blog once a week. I did that in the first few months, than I start skip a week. A week turned into two, than it becomes good enough if I even blogged at all in a month.

I just start to blog more often in December last year. I manage to blog at least once a week since. Until last week.

I mostly blog about reviews lately. As I also intend to read more books this year and even made this book list, the blog is starting to filled with my own version of book review.

I have fun blog about that as much as I enjoy reading more books. The problem is, I’m getting to rely on it too much. I want my blog post to be more varied. Books could be a big part of it but I don’t want to only blog about it. I want to write about other stuff but then each week, I went like, “I have no idea, just review this book first”.

Then came this around 700 pages biography of Steve Jobs. I haven’t finished reading it last week, so book review is not an option. There goes the easy way out to keep updating the blog every week. 😀

I’m still reading the book right now (it’s been a very busy week, I don’t have as much time or energy to read as usual), so no book review again this week. The good thing is, I get to blog about something else this time. Yay! Haha..

I still figuring out what I want this blog is going to become. Let’s hope I’ll find it in the process of blogging every single week. The answer is always in the journey anyway right?

The plan is: To not miss another week.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” (Ernest Hemingway).

Why English?

I’m an Indonesian.  English is not my first language and my capability of using it is still so far from perfect.  So why do I use English to write my blog instead of my own national language, Bahasa Indonesia? Here are the reasons:

1.      It’s an international language.

So, instead of blogging nationally, I get to do it internationally. That means, I can reach wider scope, share and discuss things with a lot more people.

2.      It opens more possibilities.

There’re not many advertisers or affiliate products that are available for websites (including blogs) in Bahasa Indonesia.  In that case, if one day I wanted to monetize my blog, put some advertising, do affiliate marketing, or stuff like that, I would have more options by using English in my blog.

3.      It’s a nice way to improve my English.

Practice, practice, practice.  That’s how you get better in doing things.  Writing a blog is helping me to practice my writing skill.  By using English, I practice my English skill as well.  My English is far from perfect. It’s actually means more reason to use it more.  That way I can learn how to use it better.

I wont say it would be easy.  In English, expressing myself sometimes is not as easy as if I did it in Bahasa Indonesia. My vocabulary is still very limited.  Not to mention the necessity to check on grammar and spelling.  But it would be worth it.

Despite of all those reasons, Bahasa Indonesia is still an inseparable part of me and in some point, for some cases, I do feel that I need to express myself in it.  That’s why in some of my future posts, I might using Bahasa Indonesia instead of English.

Well, whatever language I use, it might not be perfect, but I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it :)

After Another Week

It took me years to finally make a website for my blog. It took another week to publish my first post and another week to publish the second one ;p

To keep a blog alive, you got to keep blogging.

Every blogger have their own post frequency.  Some publish one post everyday, some even write more than one post each day, some three times a week, some once a week, some a lot longer than that.

There are of course some blogs that only updated once a month or even being abandoned for months before there’s finally another post. A new blogger are usually excited about their blogs and update it everyday, one or more post each day. Then after the excitement level went down, because of some distractions in life, busy with so many other things, not in the mood to make another post, or simply not interested anymore, some of the new blogger then begin to reduce their post frequency and some even left their blog to death.

It’s not weird or anything. It’s very common actually.  People change. Maybe blogging is not for them anymore, maybe they have a different priorities now, maybe they just need to have a break.

Well, I’m a new blogger, who start with a lot of fears and a timid step. One of my fears is not having any idea what to write about.  But I want to keep my blog alive (as many other new bloggers intended to do I assume :p).

The key, I believe, is to keep the rhythm, to choose a post frequency and commit to it.  I don’t want to publish a dozen posts a day for my first days blogging, but then not updating my blog at all for weeks.  I realize that one post a day is too much for me right now. So, I will publish one post each week for a start. It’s pretty hard for me to commit to even that for now.  But I’m not even gonna try, I will just do it.

And this is my second post. After another week 😉

Hello World!

I’ve been wanting to have a blog since too many times ago.  I’m having a journal and have been writing on it for years now, but still don’t have any courage to start a blog.

Fear.  I do think that is the basic reason why I don’t have a blog.  That basic reason then creates the excuses I made to assure myself why ‘I can’t’ write a blog.  The excuses like:  I don’t know what to write, I’m not sure how to write it, it just too personal, it’s not a public material, I have no important or interesting thing to share, I prefer a book and a pen to do my writings, I don’t have time to edit the posts before publishing it, etc.

The fact is, I’m just not brave enough.

Writing a blog means putting myself  ‘out there’.  Letting people know a little more about me, to judge my writing, from what I’m writing about, how I’m writing it, spelling mistakes, gramatical errors till what kind of person I am.  It’s always been hard for me to open myself to other people.  I carefully choose what to share even with the closest person in my life. So writing a blog is sort of out of the question.

Then why do I even think about it? Why I’ve been wanting to have one and even the fear can’t stop me from wanting it?

There are some reasons why I want to have a blog, here are some of them:

–    I want to share

–    I want to help people, inspire them

–    I want to keep thinking, keep my head active

–     I want to keep in touch with my feelings

–    I want to care more, pay more attention on things around me

–    I want to discuss stuff with more people

–    I want to get to know more about myself and my passion

–    I want to practice my writings, improve it

–    I want to face my fears (of making mistakes, of sharing with others, etc)

–    I want to make this as one of my legacy

Some of them I can fulfill by writing a journal, some of them don’t.  There’s also a different level of fulfillment that I can only get by writing a blog.

My father once told me,

“If you were to scared to do it for your self, then do it for other people, think about how it could help them.”

I think the point is to find a greater reason than any of my fears.

I have my reasons.  So now let’s face the fear. Once step at the time.  Start with this first post.

Hello world! :)