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February 29th

Limit is one thing that make something special.

Like the way death limit our life.

Like limited amount of time and energy we have in one day.

Like how limited edition product is more expensive than the regular one.

Not everyone can be your best friend, or even your friend, and that make them special.

The rarer something is the more special and precious it becomes.

Of course, it’s still up to us to appreciate or take it for granted.

And when we truly appreciate it, it’s amazing what kind of abundance can emerge from it.

Today is February 29th, the only day that we only get to see once in four years.

Is that make it special?

Sure. Especially for the ones who were born on that date.

Is it going to make a difference in our lives?

If we could use it properly then the answer would be yes.

If we let it slipped out of our hand just like that, than it would be no different with the other wasted day in our lives.

May today remind us of how special life is, with all its limit and abundance its offered.

Have a great day everyone! :)

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Life is Short

Life is short. And everything in it is temporary.

Changes happen everyday. Whether you ready or not, it happens.

Nothing last forever. Happiness, pain, hard times, good times. Before you know it, everything is no longer the same as it was yesterday.

People come and go. Some of them might stay longer than some others. You might spend most your time, even most of your life with them. But sooner or later those times will also passed. All the laughter, tears, fights, will become memories.

They changed. You changed. The situation changed. The relationships changed. One of you will move to some other place or some other phase of life. One thing for sure, things change, one part or all part of it.

That’s what make life so precious. Every second of it is priceless chance. Not only to give your all but also to be enjoyed fully with all your heart. We really should live in the moment. See, hear, and feel every single thing to the fullest. Share as much love and kindness as we could. Leave good part of us in other people’s life.

We really need to appreciate and be grateful for each day of our life. Life is a gift. Sometimes you take it for granted. You waste the chance of being in a certain place, in a certain condition and situation with certain people around you. We should keep in mind that it wont always be there. No time to be afraid. No time for stupid anger. No time for ignorance or hate or pride or fakeness or dishonesty.

We should use all the time we have to love. That’s the only way we can also truly enjoy life. I think that’s what we’re here for. To feel the love. To share the love to the universe. To be the love.

To Love

I’ve been thinking a lot about love and relationship lately. Of what it really is. How it suppose to be.

So far, I’ve come to a conclusion that love is about giving. Love is making people you love happy. Love is helping. Make an ease to people’s live, lighten up their problems, show them how precious and special they are.

December 22nd is Mother’s Day in Indonesia. I then remember this song and stunned at this one part of the lyrics:

Hanya memberi, tak harap kembali

(Only giving, without expecting anything back in return)

I think that what love is actually about. To give. Never to ask something back.

That way, love will never hurt you.

It’s not love that make you hurt. It’s not love that cause all the problems in relationships.

The jealousy, all the hopes and requests you demand from someone in return of the ‘love’ you give or the ‘love’ they said they have for you, it’s not come out of love. It’s ego. It’s lust. It’s anything but love.

The amazing thing is, the more you give love, the more you have love. It’s like love grows inside you. It never stop flowing as long as you keep giving and sharing the love. As long as you keep loving.

And vice versa. The more you ask for love, the more you feel that you need to be loved. to be cared of, to receive, then the more you feel lack of love, lonely, unloved.

Love is simple. We’re the one who complicate things with our ego, pride, whatever.

Love is profound. It’s beautifully powerful. But it’s simple.

To live is to love. To love is to give.

 And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look what happens with love like that. It lights up the sky. ~Rumi

-Most parts of this post were taken from my journal, December 27th, 2011-




I woke up this morning planning to write something, but then decide that it’s not the time for it yet.  It’s not out of fear though. Not this time 😉

I hope we all can find what we truly want and whether we really want it or just slightly interested 😀

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Loving Myself More

Another week passed by. Time for another post 😉

I start enjoying this blogging stuff more you know? I even think to increase my post frequency to let’s say twice a week? But no, not yet. Let’s not put more commitment to this excitement just yet and turn it into a burden, then make it less exciting.

It might sounds kinda lame huh? I mean it’s only two posts a week and It’s not like I’m so busy or anything.

Hahaha, please be patient with me, okay? I’m in a process to be so myself. Forgive more, blaming less.  Still do the best but stop pushing too hard or trying too much to be perfect. Just. Love. Myself. More.

You should try it too. Love your self more. It does feel good.

You know how love, support, and respect will encourage people better than some harsh critics, ignorance, and insult right? It definitely feels good to get the first three than the last from other people. The more important that people is for us, the bigger impact it produces.

Well, it’s also works the same when it comes from ourselves. And don’t you think that how we treat ourselves is the one who give the greatest impact? No matter how good other people say about us, as long as we still perceive ourselves negatively, it won’t be able to come through, vice versa.

I’ve been writing a journal since I was in college. I was about 18 years old at that time.  When I read that journal again, I can see how much I was demanding myself to be this ideal self, without really knowing how, than blaming myself a lot because I can’t be it. I felt like such a failure. I saw myself mostly like a looser.  No matter how many good achievement I might have accomplished, no matter how many good things people said about me. I still feel bad about myself most of the time. Deep inside.

I feel sorry about my 18 years old self. She was living with this feeling as a lame-good-for-nothing girl, in such a young age, while she hasn’t really start her life yet.

It’s not easy. It’s hard to stop being too hard of myself since I’ve been doing it almost all my life. Especially because I feel that I’ve been spoiled myself too much, being too lazy and laid back, and that’s why I deserve to be a looser. I’m afraid that with this reason of loving myself more, I indulge myself too much, letting me wasting my time, doing stupid things and letting myself get away with it.

Then I realized that this attitude is part of being hard of myself. I’ve been criticizing, insulting and being disrespectful of myself. I judge myself before anyone else does. Then at some point, I start ignoring myself, letting myself do whatever I want, being lazy and all that because that’s just what I think I am, that’s just how far I think I can go, I  failed because I tend to fail things up. I believed in what I’m telling myself about how bad I am then acted accordingly. I proved all the negative things I think about myself with my actions. It’s not love at all from the way i see it 😉

Loving yourself means you know when to be serious and when to be relax. It means to listen to yourself more, get to know and understand yourself better, to respect yourself, to give a loving support whenever you fail or everything starts feeling too hard, to be patient about yourself, to forgive, to give yourself a chance, to believe in yourself, to be yourself.

So I start to love myself more now. Giving me more support and respect. Be more patient about my mistakes, and be wiser in handling them, so I can learn from them instead of let them make me stuck.

It still not easy. I still being mean to myself from time to time, but I slowly forgiving myself, starting new, giving myself more love that she deserves. And who knows, in no time, I would be able to blog  twice a week. No burden, only love :)


Live: Today

Time is flying so fast like it mostly does.  It feels like I just pushed the button to start a new chapter of my life and suddenly, whiz! The first week of it is gone.

i-am-happy-todayStill holding on the steps to reach my goals as a guidance to fill each day of the week.  I’ve been  trying to live one day at a time.  Focusing on the day I’m in, focusing on the present since it’s the only time I can do something about.  I want to live each day like it’s the most important day of my life, the only day that matters.

I keep asking myself, “what can I do to make today a better day?”, “what can I do to make a difference?”, “what can I do to be useful?”, “what can I do better?”  That way, I can use the day to the most.

I also start a new habit this week.  I actually have tried to build this habit last year (and maybe the year before :p), but I always stopped before I could really make it a habit.  So, I’ve been walking around the block in the morning for the last five days.  I hope I could pull it off this time.  With this new point of view of living at the present, I believe I can.

The first week of 2011 is gone. But we still have today.  I’ll keep focusing on that, since today is the only day we have.

We live today. Today is the day. This is our live, right now.

Let’s enjoy our day, today! Make it the happiest most meaningful day ever  😉

“Conduct yourself in this world, as if you are here to stay forever; prepare for eternity as if you have to die tomorrow.” ~Muhammad SAW (HR. Bukhari)