Bread, Love, and Dreams

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I have to say that this is one of the best Korean Drama I’ve ever watch.  The kind that I have so much enthusiasm watching and make me can’t hardly wait for its next episodes.

This 2010 Korean Drama originally titled ‘King of Baking, Kim Tak-Gu’ or also known as  ‘Baker King’. But I like the English version better. I just feel that ‘Bread, Love, and Dreams’ represents the drama better.

The drama has a great story, great characters, great actors. No wonder it’s called “The National Drama of Korea” and won lots of awards.  The story is very rich, it entertains and inspires you at the same time.  It touches your heart, makes you learn, reminds you of your own passion, and grows your believe on hope, love, and of course, dreams. And the most important thing of all, it’s not boring at all!

The drama has a fantastic plot with a lot of twists and surprises in it. The story just keep moving, you don’t have time to take your eyes off the tv screen, and before you even realize, one episode had over 😀 I enjoy watching it with my family a lot. It becomes like our family routine, and we were so sad when it has to end :p

This is a story of a boy named Kim Tak-Gu (Yun Si Yun), that has a rare gift of sensitive smelling.  He can recognize the ingredients of a bread just by smelling them. That gift, his strong determination, and his passion of bread making has brought him to an amazing journey.

This is a story of him finding out who his father really is, dealing with his rich father’s family’s rejection, and long live searching of his kidnapped mother.

This is a story of his journey of finding the truth, healing the hate in his heart, and finding who he really is, his dream and passion.

The entire story and casts completes each other perfectly. The role of Gu Majun (Ju Won), Takgu’s half brother, and their hate love relationship is just so adorable 😉

Then, there are Shin Yukyeong (Eugene) and Yang Misun (Lee Young Ah) the girls in the two brother’s love stories; The legendary master baker, Pal Bong (Jang Hang Sun), whose his wiseness and lovely bakery helped Takgu and Majun growing to be a better man; And Takgu’s father Gu Il-Jung (Jun Kwang Ryul), his wife Gu In-Suk (Jun In Hwa), Takgu’s mother Kim Misun (Jun Mi Sun), and the evil manager Han Seung Jae (Jung Sung Mo), who are starting the whole problem of the story at the first place.

I can’t really explain how this drama has been an emotional roller coaster that quickly changes my emotion from happiness to sadness to anger to relief to excitement or how it could make me feel so involved in the characters live.  You just have to watch it by yourself!

Perhaps the trailer can give you some picture:


Oh, and here’s one of the drama’s OST.  It’s just so sweet, don’t you think? Kinda sad, but sweet. It matches the drama aswell :)

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4 thoughts on “Bread, Love, and Dreams

  1. I was sucked in IMMEDIATELY from a clip I saw on Facebook. I literally spent the past week watching the entire show, stayed up til 4:30AM on a weeknight (didn’t realize it) finishing it up!! Now I’m sad it’s over…but I can hear all of the music in my head lol…my husband thought I was nuts spending all that time reading subtitles….my first K-drama😂🥰

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