As I Destined to Be

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Today, years ago, was the day when God gave me the chance to see the world for the first time. The chance to live and do whatever I meant to do as one of His perfect creation.

Today means another year of my life had passed and the day when I finally have to leave this world is getting closer.

Today is a reminder that I was here for something. That I was born into this world to do my part, to make a contribution.

Because it’s true, right?

Nobody is here for no reason.

Life is a great gift but also a huge responsibility.

It’s the chance to enjoy all beauty it offers, then create the best thing we could from it.

This is the day when I was born.

I can never stop be grateful for the chance to live and for the life I’ve been having so far.

With all the love and birthday wishes I got today, I wish I could make the most of my existence in this world. To really make my birth means something. Not only to people that I love,  but to as many life as possible.

As I destined to be.

Katsumoto: Do you believe a man can change his destiny?
Algren: I believe a man does what he can until his destiny is revealed.
– The Last Samurai –

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